Outsourced sales executive and marketing consultant

An outsourced sales executive with rich experience in the international market and B2B software field, who will save you the heavy costs of a hired manager

How to establish your international market beachhead and build a sales funnel?

The fastest way to penetrate the global market and to succeed in B2B sales is when other international customers recommend your products and services. 

To get those first happy customers, using the services of an outsourced sales executive and marketing consultant is one the smartest moves you can make to create an effective sales funnel, while avoiding the hefty expense of a full-time sales director.

In order to enter the global sphere you must first define your market beachhead to target your first few clients within the selected segments and territories. A seasoned outsourced sales executive and marketing consultant will lead your beachhead strategy utilizing his B2B marketing expertise, sales tactics, and a vast professional network, to generate your first leads, grow your sales funnel, and convert prospects into paying customers.

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What will we do to help you penetrate the international market?

  • Generate leads
  • Locate potential customers, which are early adopters or strategic and are likely to become your first customers
  • Engage with thought leaders, analysts, and consultants
  • Join and leverage professional organizations
  • Prepare and lead your first meetings by upgrading your presentation and product demos to international standards
  • Align your B2B sales process with the buyer’s journey
  • Manage the complex process of a B2B sale, identify the decision makers and create clear messages that stimulate interest in your product.
  • International business development according to the market players mapping and opportunities

Why should you do it?

  • Establishing an effective sales funnel
  • Closing the first deals
  • Impressive presentations and meetings on an international level, considerably increasing sales closures
  • Collaborating with key market players and identifying growth opportunities
  • Positioning your company as a professional , innovative and globally-notable in your industry
  • Enhancing customer’s perceived value proposition, and adjusting your prices accordingly
  • Penetrating international markets using a low budget, compatible with the company’s early growth stage
  • Matching the required service to your company needs according to growth stage, founder’s personality, budget, business environment, and predefined timeline
  • Outsourced sales executive who serves as the company’s official sales director, equipped with your company business card and company email address
  • Avoid paying a salary of a sales director

Breaking into the international market FAQ

We Have Great Answers

As much as you wish and as long as he or she is effective or until you can spare the budget to hire a full-fledged sales and marketing department with your own employee. You do not need to commit for any minimal time.

Our recommendation is to have someone who meets the following criteria:

– Experience selling in international markets
– Experience with B2B software/high-tech products
– Possess both sales and marketing skills
– Channel partners management record
– Fluent with English or other relevant language

Either a fixed monthly retainer or a more flexible model based on actual hours required and delivered

You can certainly do that. Keep in mind though, that international marketing and sales is a costly endeavor.

Many of the mistakes that an unexperienced sales or marketing person will commit will cost you a lot of money and time.

Still, you can opt for a model of having a less experienced hired employee, accompanied by a more experienced outsourced sales executive and marketing consultant that will guide him or her through.

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Beam Global, a marketing consultancy and strategic planning firm headed by Ori Ainy, advises B2B high-tech and software companies and startups on international marketing, sales, and business development and provides sales execution services. Beam (illuminate) in Beam Global refers to companies, which, even if they are small and unknown, can compete with large international companies by gaining global exposure and by projecting an image of up-and-coming professional big-league players that have the potential to lead in their field.

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