International marketing and B2B business plan

Preparing business plans for startups and B2B software companies that are planning international expansion

Who needs a business plan?

We prepare business plans for entrepreneurs and B2B software startups and companies that are planning or have already started international activities and are in one or more of the following stages:

  • B2B software companies that are well-established locally and are gearing towards penetration into international markets
  • Startups and companies that plan to develop a new product, which its scope and target market is yet to be defined
  • Companies with a product which is already being sold but are looking to enter to a new field or industry
  • Companies that are planning a strategic move such as the transition from B2C to B2B or changing their sales or marketing channels
  • Companies which are already active in the global markets but are experiencing a crisis or sales stagnation
  • Companies looking for investments for any of the aforementioned scenarios
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What does the business plan include?

  • Executive summary
  • Company overview
    • Company status
    • Products overview
    • Founders and management
    • Customer base
    • Business status analysis
  • The need or problem
  • The solution
    • Product outline
    • How does it work
    • Technology / patent / IP
    • Benefits
  • The market
    • Market definition and characteristics
    • Market segments/verticals analysis
    • Market Size
    • Geographical analysis
    • Trends
    • Barriers
    • Market players and eco system outline
  • Competitive analysis
    • Analysis by competitors type
    • Estimated revenues and employees
    • Products outline
    • Clients type analysis
    • Positioning and USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
    • Pricing
    • Sales channels
    • Marketing channels and activities
  • Business and marketing strategy and analysis
    • Porter or PESTLE Analysis
    • SWOT analysis
    • Target customers
    • Buyer personas
    • Go-to-market strategy and target countries
    • Positioning and USP(Unique Selling Proposition)
    • The marketing mix
      • Product – scope and required functionality
      • Price – B2B software pricing and the business model
      • Place –sales channels
      • Promotion – marketing channels and activities
    • HR, development, operations and working plan
    • Financials
      • HR, development and general expenses
      • Marketing and sales expenses
      • Sales targets and forecast
      • Projected profit & loss:
      • Investment sought

What makes our business plans unique?

  • Adjusted to the business environment of B2B software companies
  • Focus in companies and startups who want to reach international markets
  • Adjusted to startups and new products whose domains and industries may be unclear
  • The plan is very thorough and is intended not only for investors but also for internal use, including: 
    • Pointing out on business opportunities
    • New insights on the market
    • Research and usage of professional and industry jargon
    • Operational working plan – ready for immediate execution
    • Infrastructure for deriving marketing outputs (website, brochures, etc.)
  • Strong marketing focus which is beyond manipulation of financial data

International business plan FAQ

We Have Great Answers

Normally the process of conducting a through market research, devising a go-to-market strategy and preparing a business plan would take between 2- 3 months.

Basically a marketing plan is a part of a business plan.

However, typically business plans are prepared for the purpose of obtaining funding from investors or governmental programs – to show them how profitable the business would be ,while our strategic and marketing plan is primarily used for internal reasons, it is more in depth and meant to crack the way to introduce a new or existing product to new global markets.

This is not part of our services; however, we do help our customers to prepare for investor meetings and project an image of an up and coming global and professional player, with a clear strategy and go-to-market plan.

This service is charged as a fix sum.

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Beam Global, a marketing consultancy and strategic planning firm headed by Ori Ainy, advises B2B high-tech and software companies and startups on international marketing, sales, and business development and provides sales execution services. Beam (illuminate) in Beam Global refers to companies, which, even if they are small and unknown, can compete with large international companies by gaining global exposure and by projecting an image of up-and-coming professional big-league players that have the potential to lead in their field.

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