Closing the Bigger Deals – Preparing for Global Enterprise Sales

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Do your product and overall global marketing strategy target the bigger deals? If so, you need to effectively prepare for Enterprise sales.

We are happy to update you that our next event – Closing the Bigger Deals in Global Markets –is back and will be held online on April 27 2020 between 10:00 AM and 11:25

Our meetup will arm you with new tools, insights and tips that will upgrade your readiness for your global journey into Enterprise sales:
Tips for successful preparation for global enterprise sales
Enriching your current data to create experiences that engage and convert
Leveraging Analyst Relations to grow your business to reach global enterprises
Tips for successful B2B software demos for global Enterprise sales
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Presentation highlights:

Successful Preparation for Global Enterprise Sales – Ori Ainy, Beam Global

In this lecture, we will outline the characteristics of typical Enterprise sales and why is it so challenging for startups and smaller companies to sell to Enterprise customers in international markets. We will then describe the required steps and preparations for Enterprise sales.

Going Global with the Right Data – Ronen Ehrenreich, Oracle

Your Global B2B marketing strategy is only as good as the data that drives it. High-quality data is the foundation for creating highly targeted, personalized experiences that engage and convert. We will discuss how to expand your total addressable B2B market, enrich your current data with real-time signals, increase conversion rates, and upgrade your team’s capabilities to meet the challenges of global sales to Enterprise customers.

Successfully Targeting Global Enterprises with Analyst Relations – Linda Kedem, Gartner

We will discuss how Analyst Relations can help you reach Fortune 500s and global Enterprises, and how to best develop these relationships. We will cover the four main pillars on which B2B companies and startups should focus when going global ‒ and will view them from four different angles: product development, customer acquisition, corporate development and business performance management.

Common Pitfalls and Practical Tips in B2B Software Demos – Ori Ainy, Beam Global

Enterprise software sales typically require a demo. Unfortunately, many companies fail at this stage and miss out on the one-time opportunity to impress their potential customers. In this session, we will present common pitfalls and tips for creating a successful B2B software demo that will motivate your audience to take action.

For registration and details click here

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