Beam Global’s Fireside Chat Series – PractiTest

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Watch how two creative marketing activities have positioned this company as a leading global player in the QA software market

Watch this interview of Beam Global’s Fireside Chat Series, where CEOs share secrets of global B2B software marketing – with Yaniv Iny, founder & CEO at PractiTest. Learn how they took their Test Management tool, which helps organizations manage their QA and development process, into global markets.

Listen to Yaniv’s take about aggressive marketing and learn about two insightful and creative marketing activities that they have initiated and developed to support their position as a global leader in the Lifecycle Management Software marketplace.

Learn Yaniv’s approach of whether to start selling locally or globally from the very beginning and how PractiTest has successfully expanded into new markets.

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Beam Global, a marketing consultancy and strategic planning firm headed by Ori Ainy, advises B2B high-tech and software companies and startups on international marketing, sales, and business development and provides sales execution services. Beam (illuminate) in Beam Global refers to companies, which, even if they are small and unknown, can compete with large international companies by gaining global exposure and by projecting an image of up-and-coming professional big-league players that have the potential to lead in their field.


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