Beam Global’s Fireside Chat Series – Niloosoft

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Leading local cloud recruitment system vendor was looking for years to pave its way into global markets. Watch closely the lessons they have learned.

Watch the second interview of Beam Global’s Fireside Chat Series, where CEOs share
secrets of global B2B software marketing – with Nimrod Ronen, founder and CEO at Niloosoft .

In these interviews, CEOs and founders of top B2B software and SaaS companies and startups, which have made their breakthrough to global markets, share:
– The challenges that they have faced in international markets
– The go-to-market strategy that they have devised
– Valuable tips in the B2B international marketing & sales arena

Nimrod tells the story of how Niloosift, a leading Israeli-based cloud recruitment system, struggled for years to penetrate global markets and the two lessons that they have learned in B2B global marketing that have paved their way to success and that any SaaS company should take into account in its go-to-market strategy.

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Beam Global, a marketing consultancy and strategic planning firm headed by Ori Ainy, advises B2B high-tech and software companies and startups on international marketing, sales, and business development and provides sales execution services. Beam (illuminate) in Beam Global refers to companies, which, even if they are small and unknown, can compete with large international companies by gaining global exposure and by projecting an image of up-and-coming professional big-league players that have the potential to lead in their field.


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