SaaS Marketing and Sales

Gain maximum international exposure by establishing a marketing and sales infrastructure for the software and SaaS field at a level of a global player

How can you compete with global companies that have vast resources?

It can be challenging to compete with global corporations that have extensive resources and fancy budgets for marketing and sales.

That’s why, in order for a small company to gain maximum international exposure and to project a global profile, it’s essential first to devise a comprehensive marketing scheme.

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What does an international marketing strategy and a marketing plan include?

Choosing the right marketing channels, preparing high-quality marketing materials and sales tools, and monitoring traffic, are critical for gaining visibility, increasing lead-generation, and positioning you as a professional company in the big leagues. Establishing your marketing and sales infrastructure includes:

  • Preparing professional marketing and sales tools for your global activities
  • Planning top-notch company presentations and demos
  • Combining digital and online channels to gain an optimal marketing mix
  • Creating a website that generates leads and positions you as a market leader
  • Defining calls-to-action and landing pages
  • Leveraging social media to publish your content, generate leads, and locate distributors 
  • Keyword research
  • Lead nurturing to establish relationships with potential customers and get them to purchase your product.
  • PPC campaigns on AdWords, Bing, and LinkedIn
  • PR (public relations) planning and management
  • Preparing and publishing marketing content
  • Selecting trade shows and leveraging them for gaining leads, partnerships, and brand recognition
  • Using Google Analytics and other digital tools to monitor and optimize your online activities


  • Effective marketing tools that project a global, professional and successful company 
  • Top-quality, stimulating demos and presentations that prompt immediate responses
  • Generate traffic to your website, create engagement, and reduce bounce rate
  • Obtain qualitative leads
  • Steer your marketing efforts according to market trends and customer feedback 
  • Gather smart business intelligence that yields diversified business opportunities 
  • Pinpoint new marketing channels to match your marketing strategy
  • Target and attract high-profile distributors

SaaS marketing & sales FAQ

We Have Great Answers

These depend on your marketing strategy and plan, where based on your go-to-market strategy and target customers, these marketing & sales channels and tools should have been defined.

You will need these tools to both “sell” the partnership idea of promoting and reselling your products to your potential channel partners and for them to use these for selling to their respective end customers. The channel partner is not likely to invest in marketing your product more than what
you are willing to.

You can definitely obtain substantial help from a digital marketing agency.

However, keep in mind that not all B2B sales  marketing activities and channels are necessarily of digital/online nature, such as tradeshows, working with thought leaders and industry analysts, sales demo tools and more.

Also, you can outsource some channels to a digital marketing agency, however not your entire go-to-market strategy and you therefore need to hold the steering wheel and lead your company according to its strategy. No one is going to do that for you.

If you can sell internationally with no marketing activities, then go ahead. Keep in mind though, that spending marketing funds is not the purpose but rather the means of generating these initial sales.

Remember also that you will need some budget for creating these sales tools, without which getting these initial sales will be challenging.

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