About Beam Global

Beam Global, a B2B global marketing consultancy and strategic planning firm headed by Ori Ainy, advises B2B high-tech and software companies and startups on international go to market strategy and provides sales execution services.

Beam (illuminate) in Beam Global refers to companies, which, even if they are small and unknown, can compete with large international companies by gaining global exposure and by projecting an image of up-and-coming professional big-league players that have the potential to lead in their field.

Ranging from small to medium-size companies, Beam Global’s clients include:


Startups with a promising offering that have either completed a few initial sales;
completed product development and wish to launch their product;
or are still developing a product.

B2B Software Companies

B2B software companies that are well-established locally; have already achieved local success; have realized that their growth potential is abroad; and are, therefore, gearing towards the international launching of a new or existing product.

Ori Ainy – Beam Global

Ori advises B2B high-tech and software companies and startups on international go to market strategy and provides sales execution services.

Guided by his conviction and experience that even small and medium businesses with limited resources can become successful, Ori’s goal is to steer his clients toward global development.

While the international sales arena offers vast growth opportunities for small businesses, it also poses certain risks and obstacles.
Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in executive marketing, sales and business
development positions and marketing consultancy at B2B high-tech companies, Ori guides startups and small to medium companies as they take their first steps in penetrating and expanding to global markets. With proven results in international sales, Ori believes that learning from others’ mistakes is a smart way to start.
Having formed a global network of contacts throughout the B2B software industry, Ori utilizes these contacts to help his clients establish their own network of distributors and find reliable business partners, while also saving precious time and resources.

Over the years Ori has expanded his international business development expertise by establishing
proven strategic marketing procedures and techniques that have opened up new marketing
channels, providing his clients with diverse business opportunities for penetrating new markets.

Collaboration with the ecosystem

Ori consults and lectures on international marketing on behalf of the Israeli Export Institute, which has recently published his guidebook “Taking Your First Steps in Export.”

He additionally consults for the Foreign Trade Administration and for the Division for Small and Medium Businesses – both part of Israel’s Ministry of Economy, reviewing marketing plans and assisting companies in planning and implementing international marketing strategies.

Ori has formed a professional forum, which gathers thought leaders and experts in the field of international B2B marketing and sales and together with him share valuable tips and best practices for tech companies expanding globally.

Ori collaborates with the startup ecosystem by lecturing at MindCET, an EdTech innovation center, by acting as a mentor and judge at MassChallenge accelerator startups evaluation panels and by providing guest lectures at the Technology Marketing Department in Sapir College

A new framework that Ori has put together is Beam Global’s Fireside Chat Series, where CEOs share secrets of global B2B software marketing.  In these interviews, CEOs and founders of top B2B software companies and startups, which have made their breakthrough to global markets, share their challenges,  go-to-market strategies, and tips.

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