Go to Market Strategy and global B2B marketing sales

We help local B2B software and High-Tech SMB companies and startups penetrate global markets and successfully compete with global corporations

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We are experts in international B2B marketing and sales. We know the challenges of global marketing and have documented all pitfalls and mistakes of other similar B2B companies.  

With experience working in over 50 countries in 5 continents, our mission is to help you find and leverage your competitive advantage, expand globally and compete successfully with well-established international companies

We focus solely on small to medium sized B2B software and tech companies and startups, which are either taking their first steps in the international arena or wish to expand globally. 

The marketing and go-to-market strategies that we devise, methodologies that we apply, marketing plans that we build, channel partners that we recruit and marketing & sales activities that we conduct  – are built around the needs and growth stages of B2B software and high-tech businesses and startups.

We are experts in channel partners development and management in global markets

We will build for you the most professional channel partners programs and recruit distributors, resellers, system integrators, MSPs and other channel partners, which are most likely to be your long run partners. Whenever our global network of channel partners will be a good fit, we will not hesitate to introduce you to them. We will onboard your channel partners and manage them until they start generating for you revenues.

We fully dominate the entire spectrum of expertise, skills and best practices to accompany a small to medium sized company like yours   from the go-to-market strategy high level planning stage all the way to actual marketing, sales and business development activities. 

We will cover  the strategy part but will be happy to also roll up our sleeves and lead the sales and marketing execution phase until you get your first sales.

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Decoding the global challenge

Proven To Succeed

Beam Global helps you beam (project) an image of a global player, positioning you as an up-and-coming professional big-league company that will potentially lead your field.

By executing a series of proven steps based on a smart international B2B strategy, marketing plan, and sales scheme, we will help you penetrate global markets, locating the top distributors for you, and guiding you through and executing your first sales.

We will make you a global player


marketing and strategy planing

Go to market strategy and international marketing plan

Understanding your business characteristics, your target markets abroad, your industry trends and the competition, will help you plan and budget your B2B marketing efforts, and reach your prospective customers effectively.

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Locating channel partners

When conducting sales abroad, many B2B companies need to develop their sales channels using distributors, strategic business partners or other channel partners.

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Outsourced sales executive

To get those first happy customers, using the services of an outsourced sales executive and marketing consultant is one the smartest moves you can make

B2B marketing infrastructure

SaaS marketing & sales

It can be challenging to compete with global corporations that have extensive resources and fancy budgets for marketing and sales. it’s essential first to devise a comprehensive marketing scheme.

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International B2B business plan

We prepare business plans for entrepreneurs and B2B software startups and companies that are planning or have already started international activities.


Financing your global marketing activities

Taking your first few steps to develop markets abroad in order to compete internationally requires a certain amount of investment.

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Scouting for Israeli technological start-ups

Are you looking to Invest the next up-and-coming Israeli startup? Make sure to first speak with an expert who is highly familiar with the local technological scene.


“We are a cyber security company, which has been so far  active in the B2C field only, and which has recently decided to strategically move and break into the international B2B markets. Beam Global lead an in-depth process of research of the cyber security market, setting a market strategy and building an international marketing plan for us…”

Amit Bareket , Founder and CEO – Perimeter81

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